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Group Project

Each group should be prepared to present a detailed presentation (10-15 slides with speaker notes) on one CAM

This report should include:

  • a historical

    of the advent of the practice, particularly when and how it appeared in the United States
  • descriptions of the ideas shaping


    and practices of healing
  • a status report on the current state of the practice

Questions each group should address in its presentation:

  • When did the CAM become popular in the United States and why at that particular point in time? (What is the social context? The medical history context?)
  • Who were the healers and who were the patients? (Race, class, gender identities?)
  • How did practitioners use the CAM, and what therapies did they offer? How did the explanations and therapies change over time?
  • How were healers trained? and, Have the procedures changed?
  • Did/ or Why did the regular medical profession oppose this system of practice when it first appeared in the United States?
  • What is the contemporary state and status of the practice? What is the present relationship between the alternative practice and modern biomedical professionals?


Each group will construct an informative resource pages about its subject.

Pages should tell the history of the alternative system and provide documents that help to answer the same questions to be addressed in the class presentation. Each page should include (but should not be limited to):

  • short reading assignments for the class
  • images related to the subject
  • links to important sites (with a critical evaluation of the site’s content)
  • an annotated bibliography including all books and articles consulted for the presentation and the names and dates for any interviews conducted. An annotated bibliography is one in which each entry has a brief discussion of the content of the item and its usefulness for the assignment.

. Yes I’m doing the entire presentation I don’t have a particular part.

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CAM= Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Patients suffering from terminal diseases have a challenge in making decisions relating to treatment. In most cases, mainstream medication provided by hospitals and guided by physicians might not provide desirable outcomes. Complementary and alternative medicine has been suggested as effective ways of managing these diseases. The physician is often faced with the challenge of advising such patients to consider CAM. Five steps can be used in helping a patient decide on alternative medicine. The first step is to ask the patients if they have ever used other treatment approaches, such as herbs and therapy (Lindquist, Tracy & Snyder, 2018). This step aims to understand if the patients are aware of the existence of alternative medicine. Asking is important since other steps rely on the patient’s prior understanding pf this form of medication. Besides, it will help in preventing patients from getting shocked when this form of medication is suggested.

The next step is to explain the science behind this form of medication. Some patients might not have a better understanding of alternative medicine. It is the responsibility of the physician to offer an explanation that will help the patient to understand (Borins, 2015). The other thing is to respect the patient and avoid judging. Being respectful involves listening to the patient and not objecting to their decisions. Not judging the patient is crucial in advancing care (Lindquist, Tracy & Snyder, 2018). The move will enhance the relationship with the patient. It is crucial to collaborate with organizations and individuals who offer CAM services (Borins, 2015). The collaboration helps in promoting care and providing necessary information which can help in customizing care for the patient. The last thing is to compromise and negotiate. If the patient does not consider your advice to be worth it, it is not appropriate to force the advice on them. Negotiating on alternatives can help reinforce the idea of CAM.

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