Group Presentation –

Group Presentation
Please follow criteria carefully .
This is a debate between two teams.
Team A:Affirms and Team B:argues against(claims NMBA standards not followed).
Team B: is my one you have to focus on as we are aguing with Team A.
You are only to answer and follow guidelines and criteria for team B.
I am Speaker one therefore i have to introduce my team and team A and tell the audience what we are debating about. This would be only 40 seconds of talk.
you then have to focus on the NMBA standards and link them and talk how it applies to the subject.
Speaker 4 and 5 is also me because i will be doing the introduction therefore, i conclude and summaries the whole case and it must be applied to the professional practice.
Please use 2-3 other journal articles and supporting the argument . At the end of the debate i need a summary sheet to hand to my teacher. Please label every part so i know which is intro or conclusion .Summary sheet seperate . Where you got the information from i will like you to send with the referencing the http for example which web site .
In class we organised what we will be discussing please follow these steps along with the one i will be uploading.
Our theme is about: Allocating nursing time according to patient benefit.
This is what we will be talking about:
Time management
Ethical decision making
Biomeds Model
Quality of care
prioritising time between patient is commom problem.
Please use evidence to support .and links have to made according to NMBA.
The other team are going to do the same so we are only focusing on Team B.
Do not worry about the reflection this is a separate assessment which i will be putting that through later.The reflection assessment that i will be submitting is about the debate and how us as a team worked through it.I will upload that separately so you wont get confused but when you receive it please relate that to debate as it is related. Please use 6th edition style APA referencing and all information must be current and relevant between 2010-2015.