Paper 3 is your final paper. It must be at least 10 pages long, plus a cover sheet and a bibliography.You have options on the topic for this paper. You may pick ONE of the following: 1. The impact of the election of all democrats to the top 5 elected offices in Virginia—Governor, Lt. Governor, Atty General and both U.S. Senators; 2.The key arguments during the 2014 General Assembly—discuss and document; 3.The alignment of state and federal issues—or lack of alignment— and if you have an idea of your own, let’s talk about it. Think about it this way…. If the top 5 elected officials are democrats and there are great successes, what is the most likely outcome of the federal elections in the fall? If the political climate is not good in the fall, what is the likelihood democratic candidates will win seats to the U.S. Congress?? Think about the politics of the issues, about the political culture. Focus on the state of Virginia MUST HAVE ABSOLUTELY MUST HAVE A MINIMUM OF 4 PEER REVIEWED SOURCES AS WELL AS OTHER SOURCES. PEER REVIEWED SOURCES ARE JOURNAL ARTICLES You may use either MLA or APA formatting.