Gendering Global asia study –

Gendering Global asia study
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Description of assignment and expectations:
For this assignment, you will focus on one set of weekly readings from weeks 2-5 and write a response paper that shows the following:
• Your understanding of these readings and the connections and or contrasts between them in terms of the themes of the first half of the course (Thinking about gender as a tool of analysis in global Asia studies I and II; Transnational Feminisms at the turn of the 20th C: The View from Asia; Engendering Empire and Nation I). You may use the readings of one week to reflect upon any of these themes, including the one under which the readings were listed. While your main texts will be the readings of the week you have chosen to discuss, you may bring in questions and ideas from readings in other weeks to help you make your points.
• Your ability in closely reading texts
• Your ability to summarise key arguments and select key passages to quote from the texts to
illustrate your points.
• Your ability to develop an analysis of the arguments and key passages in your own words.
Successful papers will show evidence of working through and explaining points made in the readings, raising questions and ideas, and connecting the readings together.
• Start with a theme, or a question that you think the readings of that week respond to or help us understand more deeply.
• In your introduction, tell your reader what that theme or question is and why it is important to reflect upon in terms of the topic of this course. Then lay out briefly which readings you are working with and how you think they provide some insight into your chosen theme/question.
• Then, in the body of the paper, go through the readings to show how each one responds to your theme/question. To do this successfully, it is important to communicate the key ideas of each text in relation to your theme and then follow up with one illustrative passage or section of the text that you analyse closely in terms of the issues you think it raises. Do not just generally summarise the argument of a text and then move on to the next text. What you want to do is build an argument about how these texts respond to/provide insight into the question/theme you have raised. Therefore, it is important to show the connections, contrasts and comparisons between the texts in relation to the theme/question you begin with.
• While your first text will set the stage as one range of insights into your question/theme, in your discussion of the subsequent text (or texts, if more than two) use the language of comparison and contrast (while x argued that…, y argues…; A similar point about x-issue is raised by author b.).
• The above techniques of short, concise summaries of key arguments in relation to a theme, the careful selection of a key passage to illustrate and develop a point, and the language of comparison and contrast between texts (instead of just listing their arguments separately in a general way), will be key to writing a successful paper of this very short length. You must be disciplined in your word count!
• Finally, please do end your essay with a conclusion that reflects once again upon the theme you have chosen and what you have shown to the reader as they have journeyed with you through your analysis of the readings.