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fully functioning web site
4 page fully functioning web site. This is a portfolio site. The site should contain the -following features:
proper html mark up for document structure, optimize for search engine results and text reading devices.
-at least 3 major divs, for overall layout structure.
-Navs with horizontal links, each having standard and rollover states.
-Proper css techniques for page layout.
-the completed has to be published only schools server space.
-The site will be tested for proper image downloads and link functionality.
-The site must be functional, easy to understand and navigate.
-The appearance should be a highly quality. Pages should have a uniform look and create a positive visual message of design talents.
I have a website called brewcityvalet.com, i would like you to take all of the information from the About brew city valet page and the more about brew city valet page and just revise a whole new site. The company does more than just parking valet now, it as an added addition of Pet Taxi service, which consist of transporting your pets to all destination on time. We provide one way or round trip transportation to veterinarians, groomers, boarding facilities, airports, . We pick up and drop off your pet at any local location per the owners request. For the appointment, we can either drop them off and return when their appointment is finished, or we wait with them during the appointment. If we drop them off, time stops running until we come back. If we must wait for them during the appointment, time will keep running.
another added feature is shuttle service, medical, personal, airport, weddings, etc.
so i’m thinking the site could consist of the index page talking about the business, one page for pet taxi, one page talking about shuttle service, and one inquiry page similar to the one on the site, but make it so a person could get a quote for shuttle or valet service.
Since the business is called Brew City Valet, you can find images of the city of Milwaukee or throughout Wisconsin, I will upload 2 logos. and contact me for more details