finish the assignment and then write the essay

This is the requirement of the assignment

Continue working on Essay 3 and bring a printed rough draft to class with you on Monday. Make sure to include your Works Cited page so we can workshop it in class.

This is the requirement of the Essay 3

Background: We’ve discussed, and continue to discuss, different aspects of how Artificial Intelligence has, and continues, to change our lives and the world we live in. We’ve read different sub-topics connected to Artificial Intelligence and considered how the future of A.I. may be both positive, and negative, for humanity. We’ve practiced making arguments about these topics, and using rhetorical appeals to persuade our audience. We’ll also learn how to include opposing views to further appeal to ethos and persuade. We’ll continue working on MLA format, and practice how to conduct research to find evidence for our arguments.

Your Task: It’s now your turn to enter into the conversation. Consider what we’ve read this unit, and the different topics we’ve explored related to Artificial Intelligence. Take up one of the topics discussed in the readings, or connected to A.I. and conduct research to learn more about this topic. Then, write a persuasive essay, using your research and the readings as support, to make an argument about your chosen topic.

Criteria for Success:

  • Underline your thesis statement.
  • Have an introductory paragraph that has a hook, gives background information about the topic, and has a thesis statement.
  • Have a concluding paragraph that answers the “So What?” question.
  • Each body paragraph should contain a claim that supports your argument and follows C, E, X format. Include evidence that is relevant to your claim and supports your thesis statement.
  • Include at least two credible source from your research as evidence.
  • Proofread, carefully checking for grammatical and surface errors.
  • Minimum of four pages, double-spaced, twelve point font, MLA format.
  • Use correct MLA format and include a Works Cited page.