Final Report Change Management –

Some of these are already in the docs that I will give you
Holisitc diagnostic model. Make sure you have headings and sub headings.
Implementation: 3 recommendation for each intervention. So 2 interventions and 3 recommendations 6 in total. Remember the recommendation must be one intervention, implementation and sustainability.
Recommendation needs to be concise SO name the intervention explain in one or two sentences what it is and then 2 to 3 dot points about the recommendation. Also make sure the intervention is specific and not too broad if you need help with them please contact me!
Arabric numeral page
I will give you a sample report that the unit chair has provided us that you should use for guidance with how the Report should be constructed. Please note though that they are good but not perfect and do not copy obviously. Finally the Australian company that you have to do is Bunnings the company Australia’s largest household hardware chain. Not the ones that the sample reports are on they are just SAMPLES.