final exam written assignment macroeconomics

Final Exam Written Assignment-Macroeconomics

Be sure to include your name and section #Counts as 120 Points. (40% of the 300) point final exam)Choose any article from a newspaper,magazine or internet pertaining to Macroeconomics.

Examles:Automobile Industry,Airplane Industry, GDP in U.S, U.S, Unemployment, Agricultural Industry, Tobacco Industry,Food Industry.

Be sure it concerns the aggregate and not about an individual state or individual company.

Prepare a typed written report as follows: 1) Introduce and explain what the article is about.

2) Express you opinion using first person singular case:I agree or disagree with the article either totally,partially or do not agree .Justify your reasons for or against.

3) Explain how this article applies to Macroeconomics and what particular aspect, area or topic we have learned in this class.

Sum up whether you liked,disliked or what relevant points were made from the

Article.Must be typed

Must be double spaced.

Must be foot noted with references if applicable.

Must contain article pasted ,copied or taped on a separate sheet.Must be at least 2 pages Minimum,not to exceed 3 pages.(written report)

Due date on or before Thursday , December 12, 2019.

All pages including article must be stapled together.