final discussion 9


You are a manager of a department or section in the organization of your choice, (be it Banking, Finance, Marketing, IT, Computer systems, Network Operations, etc.). You are to provide a thorough review, analysis, and conclusion to the following:


– It is not enough to know the technical aspects of you position as a manager (e.g., how to calculate EPS, or BW). Instead, as a manager, you must understand the different skills that result in effective leadership. As such, for the quaddress:

How should a technical or business systems department level manager balance skills in Leadership, Management, Strategic Thinking, and Critical Thinking. What percentage of these and other aspects would be your interpretation of what it takes to be a successful manager. In your answer you must specify particular theories relating to operations, technical, and other theories (learned throughout the program) to support and defend your answer.


Your answer must be written in a report type format and not just answer some questions. APA formatting with no less than five (5) citations and references are required.
The textbook does not count as an acceptable reference.