field work special education teacher interview and observation

Contact an experienced special education teacher and conduct an interview and observation. Please use the prompts below. Note: An experienced special education teacher should hold a clear credential and or have more than four years of experience.

Prompts for Interview with Special education teacher: (the answers are attached below)

  • What is your current position?
  • What are the ages and grade levels of your students?
  • What student information system do you work with?
  • What data is collected for teacher use?
  • What are the assessments used in the process of early screening and/or identification?
  • What are the most important legal mandates a general education teacher should be aware of regarding services for students with special needs?
  • What are important insights for a general education teacher regarding issues related to common medications administered to children and adolescents?
  • What is your experience implementing UDL in your teaching practices and / or collaborating with other teachers.
  • Ask at least two questions not listed here.

Complete the Classroom Observation. Look for indicators of UDL and document with descriptions.


Your assignment should include the following elements:

  1. Write a report that is between 5-7 pages not including references. Your assignment should double-spaced, written in MS Word, APA format, cover page and a reference page;
  2. support your observations with a minimum of one in-text reference from the Spring and one in-text reference from the Slavin textbook;
  3. list the school, grade level of the children the teacher works with, demographics, content (or multiple subject if appropriate), the amount of time for the interview, and teacher name.

Submit your assignment, written in MS Word, by Saturday of Week 3.

Ive attached helpful resources for UDL

also Ive attached an example to help out, school information, the special education teacher and general education teacher, and notes on how the Special Education used the UDL

one more hint: it was a science Biology classroom, and the Special education students were sitting in groups of 4 and the classroom had over 12 Special Education students the classroom had 30 students total