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Features of Child Development as presented by Piaget
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ASSIGNMENT 1 – ESSAY – 1500 words (maximum)
Choose a theorist that interests you (
describe the features of child development as presented by the theorist, and
how this theory can be useful in an early
childhood setting in an essay. (If the theory applies to the full life-span of an individual, just include the part relevant to children).
You should include the following
(Introduction) – the theorist’s name, identify the area of development (eg. social-emotional,
cognitive etc.), and some background to the theory’s development which may include brief
biographical information about the theorist, timing etc. (about 100 words)
(Body of your Essay) – identify in detail the main elements of the child development theory (about
700 words) and provide a detailed description of how this theory can be used within an Early
Childhood setting. How would educators use it in their work with children? (about 700 words)
(Conclusion) – brie?y sum up the key point/s you have made
(Reference List) – list in alphbetical order all the references (including course material) that
you have referred to in your writing.
(Readings from Child Development 9th Edition
Berk,L. (2013). Child Development (9th ed.) Boston: Pearson