family business hw

Family Homework (reflection ~ part 1)

  • Identify members of family and determine how they contribute to family wholeness, AND what you most value about their uniqueness.
  • Identify a few family values, and explain how they were taught to family members.
  • Identify a few higher-order family rules.
  • What role do you play in first-order tasks for your family?
  • What role do you play in second-order tasks?

Family Homework (reflection part 2…)

  • How have the people of your family influenced your career choices and vocational aspirations?‘
  • Catalogue the members of your family by intergenerational categories and come of with scripts to influence them about seeing your point of view on a contentious topic

Homework Reflection (Pt4)

  • Define several needs and several wants you think you have.
  • Determine if key family members would classify your list in the same way that you do.
  • You may have variation across your family members, so be sure to capture that range
  • Re-assess your list to determine how you can align your needs and wants with different key family members AND/OR how you could influence them to align their perspective with yours

Part 5

  • Track family decisions in the next couple of weeks. They can be family, family business, informal or formal decisions.)You are looking for a range of decisions to compare and contrast
  • Identify at what level the decision-making process is occurring.In your explanation make sure to align specific behaviors with the descriptions on the diagram
  • Evaluate decision on its effectiveness and how well the stages in the decision-making process were utilized (define problem, research, solution generation, choice, evaluation).
  • Reflect on what you learned after comparing different decisions.