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Topic: Explore and assess the digital communication ecology of an activist campaign
Order Description
You are asked to pick an ongoing campaign and to explore and assess its digital communication ecology, that is, the use of different digital media to sustain communication and organization structures. The campaign may be part of migrants’ rights, feminist, patients’ or another instance of issue-based activism. The campaign may have been launched by an organization (e.g., an NGO like Greenpeace) or by a group of people or an individual not necessarily linked to an organization via a social media device (e.g., a hashtag on Twitter, a group on Facebook).?The word limit for the report is 3,000 words and you must ensure that you adhere to the University guidelines on referencing.
Your report should be structured as follows:
a) Describe the campaign and provide information on its origins, objectives and targets (500 words)
b) Consider which digital media are used within the campaign, how they are used and how you would maximise publicity (1,000 words)
c) Reflect on the strength and weaknesses of this digital communication ecology and its role in achieving the objectives of the campaign (750 words)
d) Consider how you would judge the success of the overall campaign (750 words)
The task is designed to encourage critical reflection on the efficacy of the social media strategies analysed during the course of the module. Students are encouraged to be creative when addressing point b) e.g. proposing hashtags, ideas for viral videos, and logos.