Ethics, Media, Moral Reasoning & Self-Regulation –

Topic: Ethics, Media, Moral Reasoning & Self-Regulation
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-In text citations (APA)
-Flow of my reasoning and concepts
ETHICS & MEDIA: on Ethics, Media, Moral Reasoning & Self-Regulation
Briefly explain each of the five major theories of ethical and moral reasoning overviewed in class and written
about by Christians et al. in the handout reading “Ethical Foundations and Perspectives.” Which of these
theories is most appealing to you in terms of helping to guide your actions for living a more righteous life?
Explain your assessment. How might these theories be used in guiding decisions made by “entertainment
professionals” who make decisions and shape stories in film and television? How are these theories evident in Mediascope’s draft principles for entertainment professionals? In what ways do you see concerns raised by these theories being reflected in the MPAA film rating system and ( ) and in the TV Parental Guidelines After watching “This Film is Not Yet Rated” and reading select portions from Albosta’s (2009) critique of the MPAA film rating system and Timmer’s (2014) critique of television industry self-regulation and TV Parental Guidelines, make a case for the most objectionable flaws in these systems and the ethical infractions they do not seem to address.
Below are the grading criteria from the instructor:
The following criteria will be followed in grading papers:
Strong papers will demonstrate superior: (l) precision in addressing the assignment, (2) writing style & usage, (3) organization, (4) understanding and application of theories of ethical reasoning, (5) research and application of primary scholarly sources and sound journalism, (6) citation of reference sources, and (7) use of the APA reference style.