ethanol production by hydration of ethylene 3

Ethanol production by hydration of ethylene

C2H4 + H2O C2H5OH

There is a side reaction that produces ethyl ether

2C2H5OH (C2H5)2O + H2O

The feed flow rate of ethylene and steam to the reactor is 6×10-3 kmole/m2 s to the reactor and contains P% C2H4, Q% H2O and the balance inert materials on a mole basis. An ethylene conversion of R% and ethanol yield of S% is achieved. Compute the composition of the reactor output stream. The reactor used for the process consists of a number of tubes each of 120 mm diameter packed with catalyst with a bulk density of 1600 kg/m3

Q) From literature review identify the suitable operating conditions and critically analyse the process to obtain this yield?

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