essay revision 44

  1. Find your main point, and make sure you are making it clearly.
  2. Identify your readers and your purpose, and make sure you’re addressing them properly.
  3. Evaluate your evidence, and make sure you’re using it appropriately.
  4. Save only the good pieces. In other words, make sure all of your words and ideas relate back to your thesis. If they don’t, take them out or move them to a place in your paper where they make more sense.
  5. Tighten and clean up your language. Make sure nothing is confusing. Read your paper out loud, and make sure nothing sounds awkward, vague, or misused. Rule of thumb: If you can’t pronounce a word, you probably shouldn’t use it in your paper. Similarly, eliminate grammar and usage mistakes by reviewing the Purdue OWL pages on grammar, mechanics, and punctuation. Then, look for those mistakes in your paper.
  6. Make note of instructor comments in your Essay #1 Grade feedback within Turnitin. Similarly, look for peer review feedback from week 3 that you may not have noticed earlier, and consider that advice.
  7. “Revision” literally means “see again”- so with that in mind, consider re-writing some passages, trying new word choices or sentence structures, even if they were not marked off originally. If your original submission was below 1000 words, add some content/detail to the paper to ensure that you reach this new word count requirement. You could even add additional sources to the revision.
  8. Essay #1 Revision should be at least 1000 words ( My essay already has 890 words)