essay question 198


write a focused or limited rhetorical analysis of someone else’s argument. This type of argument attempts to examine how a writer has composed an argument more than the particular ideas she or he tries to convey in an argument. In other words, your goal is to discuss what, in particular, makes the argument successful or unsuccessful, not to determine whether you agree or disagree with it.

Choose one of Strayed’s responses thar you have not already used on your 4th essay. Use the response you’ve chosen to answer the following questions in a fully developed essay of at least 800 words( rougly three typed pages):

Which rhetorical strategy does Cheryl Strayed use that makes this particular responses successful or unsuccessful as an argument/ What other strategies does she use that contribute to this particular response’s overall success or lack of success?

The key to a good rhetorical analysis is choosing, in this case the particular characteristic or trait of the response that most contributes to its success or failure rather than trying to cover as many different elements as possible. you might consider one or more of the following concerns:

* What type of claim does Strayed make in this response? What difference does that make?

* What kinds of evidence does Strayed use in her response ? what impact does it have ?

*How does Strayed use emotional appeals ? what impact do they have ?

*what assumptions underline her response? What impact do they have?

*How does her use of either concrete language or abstract language affect her response”s success ?

* How does her use of language with either positive or negative connotations affect her response’s success?

Be thoughtful in your choices. Don’t attempt to address all of these in your essay. Only select the ones that really apply to response you do not need nor should you use any outside sources other than the book itself. You must, obviously, incorporate ideas from the book, particularly the response you’ve chosen, into your discussion. remember to Follow MLA format when introducing and citing material from the book. you don’t need to include a Works Cited list for this essay. Remember that your overall goal is to examine and analyze the response rather merely summarize it. You should use examples from the response you choose to demonstrate your points about how or why they have contributed to or detracted from the responses success as an argument. Remember to double-space when you write.

Here is an online copy for the book…

i will proovide my essay#4 and see the example and do not use them in you writing

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