essay help 70

I am asked to write an essay analyzing my growth as a writer by overlooking my past essays. Unfortunately I’m traveling for Thanksgiving and can not get it done. It is due tonight at 12 AM (Chicago time) here’s what the essay is described as. I’ve also attached two of my essays to analyze. Write the portfolio summary.
An executive portfolio summary is an argumentative essay that explains the contents of the portfolio to someone who was not privy to your learning process. In addition to your final revised essay and collaborative interview project, you should draw on written documents that you have produced throughout the semester to demonstrate your learning. You will then use these documents as evidence of your learning in the portfolio executive summary. A valuable document could be an early draft of an essay, a revision memo, or a response to a writing prompt. Remember, these documents cannot speak for themselves. In order to demonstrate that you have learned this semester, you need to analyze them and draw implications from your analysis.

It needs to be 1200 words. MLA format