escribe the dynamics of your wiki group by this time your group should have developed the family case study and defined the scope of the problem

Each member of a group contributes to the group’s dynamic even if the member is silent. As a clinical social worker, it is important to understand the dynamics you bring to a group and the role you tend to assume in a group setting. Every individual has his or her own way of interacting. Knowing your own personal style and the role you tend to choose will help you identify your strengths and weaknesses when working within a group.

For this Assignment, describe the dynamics of your Wiki Group. By this time, your group should have developed the family case study and defined the scope of the problem.

Reflect on your participation in the dynamics. What role have you assumed in the group? Have you used any empowerment strategies in moving the group forward? If not, what strategy could you implement?

Group Process Assignments should integrate course concepts related to group process. Assignments should demonstrate critical thought when applying course material to your group experience. Support ideas in your Assignment with APA citations from this week’s required resources.

Note: I am not the lead but am someone who provides information and research to the topic.

Brief Description of the Family

Jose Santiago, Jr: age 45, mixed raced, heterosexual,married male. Works at Automotive Plant. Married his high school sweetheart.

Maria Santiago:age 43, Latina female, Catholic. She works as a secretary at an elementary school and is very involved in her children’s lives such as being a baseball mom, , dance coach and married her high school sweetheart, Jose.

Lorraine Santiago: age 89, mixed raced, heterosexual female. Has dementia and was a head cook.

Jose Santiago, Sr.: age 91, Latina, heterosexual male, retired veteran who leg is amputated from war and has other ailments.

Mercedes Santiago: age 21, mixed-raced, heterosexual female, college student who is involved in dancing and is a premed student .

Juan Santiago: age 3, Mixed-raced, heterosexual male.

The family lives in a middle-class neighborhood where the schools are blocks away and there’s limited resources. Jose job provides good health insurance and a decent wage, but long hours which makes it difficult to take care of his parents. The family always attended church together weekly on Sunday.

Roles of the Group Members:To complete this assignment and the future assignments, each member will commit to completing the prompts or questions in the assignment; each member will choose their “part,” and email it to the leader in a timely manner.

Communication methods: The group will be utilizing emails to send contents, and WhatsApp for group chatting.


Week 4 – Scope of the Issue

Week 5 – Engagement and Assessment

Week 6 – Evidenced Based Family interventions

Week 7 – Advantages and Disadvantages of the interventions

Week 8 – Recommendations for treatment

Week 9 – Evaluation of treatment

Week 10 – Final Project with References