ergonomic assessments

In Module 6, you learned about various ergonomic tools and instruments that can be used to assess ergonomic exposures. The data outcomes from assessments using these tools and instruments can be used to formulate controls, interventions, and other programs and initiatives to reduce exposure. This week, you will have two ergonomic assessments to complete. Each assessment is worth 50 points each for a total of 100 points.

For detailed instructions and resources for both assessments, download/view the Ergonomics Assessment activity document (DOCX). Below is a brief description of the topics these two assessments cover. ( I have attached this)

7.3.1 Moore-Garg Job Strain Index
The Moore-Garg Job Strain Index was proposed by Moore and Garg as a means to assess jobs for risk of musculoskeletal disorders of the distal upper extremities (hand, wrist, and elbow).

7.3.2 Lifting and Carrying Assessment
Use the ergonomic calculator for analyzing lifting operations to determine if the weight lifted is greater than the lifting limit.

Please Note: You will submit two separate documents for this assignment. Please save your files as:

(example ‘Jones_Asgn_7_3_1.doc’ and ‘LastName_Asgn_7_3_2.doc’)