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election in U.S
As you all are aware, the U.S. political system is in the process of selecting a new President. As discussed in the readings and lectures, the process has evolved to open up each party’s nomination process to the general public through the electoral mechanism of primary elections. Please write an essay about the June 7 Republican and Democratic presidential primary elections in California answering the following questions (use these three questions to structure your essay):
1. In general, outline how the Republican Party differs from the Democrat Party in the way each party allocates delegates among the contending presidential candidates according to their share of the primary vote.
2. How perhaps might California, with its late primary, play a decisive role in determining which candidate wins their party’s nomination at the Republican and Democratic national conventions later in the summer?
3. Overall, how do primary elections perhaps make it more difficult for a party’s nominee to win the general election in November (use the diagrams below to help explain your answer)?