ebook assignment 1

eBook Assignment

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First, answer the following questions

  • What is Bookshelf? (2 point)
  • What are three features of Bookshelf that make it more useful than a PDF version of a book? (3 points)
  • Where do you need to go to access a new ebook for a course before you can view it in the Bookshelf app? (2 points)

Next, on your computer or mobile device, open the Bookshelf app and open the textbookThink. If you’re unsure of how to use your computer for this assignment, or need help downloading your digital textbook, review the information in this lesson.

Go to the end of Chapter 4. Survey the entire section on Social Errors and Biases. In the blank space below, write 2 of the 4 errors/biases listed in the section.

Go to the Table of Contents and in the space below, write the definition of a fallacy and the number of the chapter in which you found the information.

Type your name in the upper-right corner of this page next to Last Name
Save your file as aWord Document(.docx).
Include the term eBook and your First Name when saving your file. Example:eBook_David.docx
Upload your completed document using the Browse button, and then click the Submit button.