easy discussion 10

Finally, 60 minutes to write a 3-5 paragraph essay. This is only a recommendation, you may spend more or less time on this assignment depending on your ability and availability.

Final Instructions- Celebration of Knowledge

Since the midterm, you have acquired a lot of knowledge about the United States post the Civil Rights Movement to the present. It is now time for you to demonstrate and celebrate that knowledge by giving your interpretation of history to the following question.


What are the three most interesting and/or shocking new information you learned about the United States History since the Civil Rights Movement?

Your answer should include the following for each topic in paragraph format.

  • What was the event, story, person, etc?
  • Where did you learn the information?
  • Describe the event, story, person, etc.
  • Why was this so shocking?
  • Why is this significant to your understanding of American History?