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Earned Value Management and Project Performance
Paper details:
It is bonus time at Zungoo Electronics, when the CIO needs to determine which projects excelled in the previous year. As the director of PMO, your job is to help the CIO with a summary recommendation of the five projects executed, as show in the table attached:
Compute the following earned value metrics for the five projects named above:
Schedule Variance (SV)
Cost Variance (CV)
Schedule Performance Index (SPI)
Cost Performance Index (CPI)
Then, respond to the following:
Graphically display the four earned value metrics computed above in a chart and rank the five projects in the order of performance from top to bottom. Based on the computation, answer the following questions: What do SPI and CPI demonstrate? How do you plan to use this information in your recommendation to the CIO?
How are SV and CV related to one another? Why are these terms important?
What are the major advantages of using earned value metrics to understand the effectiveness of project performance? What do you perceive are its disadvantages?
What are the challenges associated with obtaining earned value metrics? What can you do as a project manager to minimize the challenges?ÕÉ?•?•?
What are your recommendations given the information above?
Your responses should be integrated in a well-written paper that meets the following requirements:
Be 2 to 3 pages in length plus graphical elements.
Be formatted according to the CSU-Global Guide to Writing and APA Requirements.
Include and reference two credible sources