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Draw a PERT Chart on the following blank page for the following project activities and answer the questions that follow.   Use the symbols from the legend in your PERT Chart.



Text Box: Start  (or End)Text Box: Z  5




Project Activities:


Activity                       Precedence                  Duration (Days)

A                                 –                                   4

B                                 –                                   3

C                                 –                                   7

D                                 A                                 9

E                                  B                                 6

F                                  C                                 8

G                                 D,E                              2

H                                 F                                  4




1.      Identify each path and its total duration.












2.      Identify the critical path and explain its implications for this project.


Draw your PERT Chart on this page:
Use Case Diagram (15 points)

Draw a use case diagram for the system description below on the following page:

Our chain of pharmacies is considering implementing a self-service checkout system, called SelfCheck in order to reduce the staff required to man the cash registers.  With the resources freed up by the automated checkouts, our goal is to add more pharmacy technicians to improve satisfaction with the prescription-filling process.  All the ways that the SelfCheck system can be used are described below.


SelfCheck allows a customer to scan an item.  The customer initiates this action by running the barcode of the item over the barcode reader.  The system records what item was purchased, for what amount, etc.


Our pharmacies have a customer loyalty program that uses the little keychain cards like many grocery stores.  SelfCheck is built to handle this and a customer may scan their membership card to tell the system to invoke membership benefits and discounts.  They will receive the same membership benefits as checking out as they would at a regular register.


Of course, the customers will need to pay for the items they have purchased.  They tell the system when they are done scanning and need to pay.  They indicate the payment method and provide cash, check, or credit card as appropriate.


We pride ourselves on responsive service.  One of the things we like about SelfCheck is that it allows the customer to request help at any time during the checkout process.  The customer presses a help button and the clerk will receive a notification that the customer needs help.


One of the features that our management requires is the system produces a statistical report.  SelfCheck automatically generates the statistical report on a weekly schedule and sends the report to the pharmacy manager by e-mail.  These reports will help our management determine the adoption rate of SelfCheck and determine if the project will be considered successful.



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Draw your Use Case Diagram on this page: