doing business globally & international seminar –

doing business globally & international seminar
Order Description
In this seminar, students will practise preparing an analysis of a case study and answering assignment questions in exactly the same way as for the final assessment. Students will receive formative feedback from the tutor regarding their work which they can use to improve it for actual assignment.
Library / Home Preparation
Review the assignment brief provided above and conduct some brief research around the case, by watching the YouTube videos suggested in the above attachment, for example. Students should work individually to prepare outline answers to questions 1, 2 & 3. The priority is to identify appropriate theory and concepts to use to arrive at and/or support conclusions. Propose a structure for your answers.
Remember to consider the marking criteria.
You should come to the seminar with notes and prepared to discuss your approach and findings with the class and seminar tutor and to contribute to a constructive critique of other students’ work.
Seminar Activities
The seminar tutor will ask each team to focus on a single question. Using the notes of individual team members, compare and contrast your ideas and suggestions for approaching your allocated question. Focus on how to maximise your mark according to the marking criteria. Come to an agreement as far as you can and record any differences for discussion with the class and tutor.
The seminar tutor will then invite each team to describe their recommended approach to the group. This will provide the opportunity for students to clarify their understanding, ask questions, check their assumptions. Students should ensure they leave this seminar with a thorough appreciation of the marking criteria