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Dog Behaviour
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This going to quite a difficult one so it needs to be assigned to some one that has a good understanding of dog behaviour modification. To implement the required steps to change this dogs behaviour
will need to be broken down. It will be marked by a qualified dog behaviourist . The dogs problems are;
6 Bobby – PomXSheltie? 4Years. Male neutered at one year. Came from rescue at about 4 months. Was very fearful when first came out of rescue had been found on the streets being kicked by 2 teenage
boys. Was prescribed Calmex by vet. Sleeps in cage with another dog (staffy). The staffy seems frightened on Bobby but will play tuggy with him. Did have another dog but it died recently. Walked
twice a day with the other dog. Has free access to toys in a toy box. When visitors come he is shy but barks, will stop barking if picked up. When left he is noisy for 10-15 mins then goes quiet.
Training knows sit, no, stay and walkies.
Problem – Barks, lunges, attacks other dogs, barks a lot. Has bitten a GSD requiring stitches. Seems to give no warning prior to attacks. Main aggression started at about a year (after castration),
before that he was just noisy. Has been to 3 different behaviourist/trainers – was advised by the ‘dog whisperer’ to keep calm and thank the dog for good behaviour instead of correcting. Trainer 2
(when he was 6 months old) – used a rattle bottle- this scared him. Trainer 3 – squirt with water bottle – it does stop the barking but owner doesn’t like it.
So the assignment is to put a plan of action broken down in small steps to help the owner resolve these issues . I have put the preferred writers IDWriter 442432 but strongly suggest that he feels
that he can carry out this. If is not available assignment can you please ensure that this goes to a Masters/Phd level graduate