document the elements of the campaign

Marketers use Integrated Marketing Communications (IMC) to integrate and coordinate all of the company’s communication channels to deliver a clear, consistent, and compelling message about the organization and its products. The following five tools in the promotion mix help marketers achieve this goal: advertising, public relations, direct marketing, personal selling, and sales promotion. For this case, you will need to document five components (e.g. see below) of the same marketing communication campaign. While you can duplicate communication channels (e.g. two different TV Commercials) you must find examples from at least three of the promotional tools (advertising, sales promotion, personal selling, direct marketing, public relations).


Public Relations

Direct Marketing

Personal Selling

Sales Promotion



Direct mail

Store associates


TV commercials

Blog coverage

Email blasts

Sales team



News coverage

Banner ads










Document the elements of the campaign in PowerPoint, 10 points:

1. Slide 1 – Title of campaign, name, date.

2. Slide 2 – A short description of the campaign, history, etc. and why you think it’s awesome!

3. Slides 3-7. Document pictures, videos, online content, etc., to capture five promotional elements of the same campaign, not just the brand as a whole. For example, Burger King’s “Have it Your Way” campaign, not just “Burger King”. Remember, you must have an example from at least three different promotional tools. Comment on each, briefly. Be sure to identify which promotional tool your examples represent in the title line. See the examples in the table above on different elements of each of the five promotional tools.

· For Example “Advertising – Billboard” would be the name of one of your notes if you snapped a picture of the firm promoting its campaign on a billboard.

4. Slide 8 – Recap Slide – Answer the following questions…

· Who is the target market for this campaign?

· What about the campaign makes it truly integrated?

· Discuss what execution method the campaign employs.


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