do protein supplements improve sports performance

Nutrition for Sports Performance

APA Formatting

Graduate level writing

400 words or more

3 or more reference

This week, you are learning about protein. Many athletes consume protein supplements.

How safe are these supplements? Are they appropriate for exercise?

For this forum, find one peer-reviewed research article and present it.

You are looking for a research article that is published in a peer-reviewed journal; not an article published in a magazine like Muscle Magazine or on the website BodyBuilding. These are for the general public and are not peer-reviewed. The journal article you select should be a research study related to protein supplements and sports performance. Our research question is: Do protein supplements improve sports performance?

Again, a research article is not a review article but reports the results of a research study. You can tell the difference between a research article and a review article because a review article summarizes several research studies.

Go to the following website: In the search bar at the top (cursor most likely will be blinking in this box), enter “protein supplement exercise.” More than 1800 articles should be referenced. You can select one from this list. DO NOT SELECT AN ARTICLE ANOTHER STUDENT HAS SELECTED. Once you have decided which article you would like to summarize, get that article from the library.

  • list your selected article,
  • provide the reference for your chosen article
  • describe the study and the results,
  • state what the study concluded,
  • evaluate the article. Do you think the study made appropriate conclusions from its data? Was the study designed correctly to address the hypothesis?
  • Does the study support the hypothesis that protein supplements are safe? If yes, tell us how. If no, again tell us how.