diversity learning project

Diversity Learning Credits are points that you can receive for attending and writing about events on D.C.C’s campus and in the Hudson Valley that relate to the experiences, culture, & lives of the people of the Latinx Diaspora or doing an additional short writing project that addresses a work of literature, art, or music created by someone from the Latinx Dyaspora. These represent about 8% of your final grade of the class and in the long run can have positive impact on your final grade. Not doing them will negatively impact your final score in the class. So does this mean I can go to my sister’s Quinceañera and write about it ? Yes. What about a play? Yes. Okay, but what about a movie screening? Yes. Okay, Okay but what about a speaker/event at D.C.C for. Sure? Well, what if I go eat at Taco Bell? Nope. If you are not sure if an event might qualify, speak with me directly at least 3-4 days BEFORE and not after the event. About 3 pages long workcited needs to be done