discussion response 154

Provide relevant response with explanation to each question for the discussion.

1. Coca Cola has been far more superior to Pepsi. I have seen Pepsi commercials that are global with big time athletes such as Leo Messi and Mo Salah. Do you think that Pepsi should call it quits and buy out their company since they will never pass Coca Cola? I am sure coke would be willing to make a deal like this because it would then eliminate their only major competition. Pepsi also sponsors the super bowl every year. What makes you think that they are soo far behind Coca Cola?

Discuss the new marketing strategy they are proposing on question 2 and 3. Provide a meaningful response.

2. The product or product line that could benefit from a new marketing strategy is Little Debbie snack cakes. Lagging sales and fierce competition with Entenmann’s and Hostess products make a new strategy imperative. The good news is that this strategy should be cost-effective. With a chock-full of information about the snack cake market, the majority of the company’s research can come from secondary information. I believe that research would show that the Little Debbie product line should expand the channels by which they market. We do find the product in stores but without any specials, such as buy one get one free. Marketing strategy has to include expanding channels to reach their target segmentation. This would include more online ads via social media. Direct mail with discount coupons, and placing some of their snacks at the front check-out counter with better visibility is another cost-effective way of expanding the product line’s reach. If Little Debbie is to keep up with their competition they must take existing data and aggressively expand their reach.

3. I think that a product that could benefit from a new marketing strategy could be Adidas. Adidas has many different products including sports wear and shoes and it has been in competition with the major brand Nike for many years. After learning about different marketing strategists I think that Adidas could greatly benefit from a greater social presence. Adidas should promote their product on social media by having their followers share their products and comment other potential consumers names. They should also offer contests for free products to get their name out their more. They should also incorporate a comparison between their product and Nike and why everyone should choose adidas. I think that in this day in age social media is a great outlet to promote and also get information out to the consumers.