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There are 3 numbered questions for this discussion assignment. You are to answer ONE of the 3 numbered questions. In the reply line for your IP post please put your last name and the number you are responding to. I have included many questions that are reflective of economic trends and things happening. As such the topics border on politics. Please in all responses be objective. Sometimes when our comments are less than objective we evoke anger from our colleagues. That is not the intent here. In fact, I would make two helpful suggestions for the subjective aspects behind this discussion. First, try not to let your personal support or disdain for any politician become known. Second, if you support one point of view construct your answer as sort of opposing that point of view: if you are a supporter of the US President consider things that are counter to your support – if you are not a supporter of the US President maybe consider taking the opposing (supportive) viewpoint behind your answer. You can download a Word version of this document at the bottom of this page.

  1. There was a currency proposed during the Summer of 2019. That currency was proposed by the organization that is known to us as “Facebook.” Do some research and some reading about this currency. Then answer the following questions. Be sure to include all relevant url’s in your response.
    1. Define the new proposed currency, what is its structure and what determines its value.
    2. How is the proposed currency different than or similar to other digital currencies like Bitcoin?
    3. Using the definition of money from this course, construct an argument that the proposed currency is likely to adopted as money by society. Of course include the definition of money and the functions of money.
    4. Provide 3 reasons why US, European and other countries’ monetary authorities are not supportive of the this new proposed currency, cite each reason.
    5. If the currency does come into being in 2020, how will it impact the ability of the Federal Reserve to alter economic conditions in the US? Explain.
  2. We hear about how important the global economy is, this question is about the global economy and exchange rates.
    1. Provide an empirical measure of how important the global economy is. If someone posting prior to you in your discussion group provides a specific empirical measure, you cannot use that measure for full credit. Yes there are many potential answers !
    2. In the past few months I have been reading about how long term interest rates are either zero or negative in some other countries.
      1. Find an article from a credible media source that identifies low or negative interest rates in other countries. Cite it and summarize what it means to have a negative interest rate.
      2. If interest rates in the US are not negative, what does this say about the value of the dollar relative to the currency of other countries, those with the nearly zero or negative long term interest rates.
    3. As of 11/16/19 we have a serving US President that is being considered for impeachment in the US House. Perhaps the impeachment hearings are over by now, perhaps not.
      1. Can you point to any events in the major US financial markets that indicate the markets believe either that President Trump will be removed from office or that President Trump won’t be removed from office? Be explicit.
      2. If President Trump is eventually removed from office (as President) what is likely to happen to the value of the US dollar against most foreign currencies?
  3. During the Summer and Fall of 2019, President Trump has engaged foreign countries in a sort of trade war.
    1. Explain what President Trump’s logic is for initiating the Trade War. This isn’t a “rally” and you can’t answer with ‘he did it to make America great.’ You need more justification offered than that. Be sure to include how in this logic the US gains if it wins the trade war.
    2. Between the beginning of 2019 and today provide a summary, of the behavior of the US dollar against one, or more major currencies. Has this trend, if observed, been helpful to President Trump in leading the US in the Trade War? If so explain, if not, explain.