discussion happy


“Happy” is a film in which individuals from around the world discuss how to be happy and what

makes them happy. The documentary includes personal stories and scientific research aimed at

understanding how individuals can actively pursue a happier life.

Based on your viewing of the documentary, “Happy,” please respond to the following questions

using complete sentences, free of grammatical and spelling errors. Responses to each question

should be min 100 words.

1. How is happiness defined? Please provide examples from the film and explain which

area(s) of dimensions of wellness are impacted by happiness? (think about the areas of

wellness we addressed at the beginning of the semester).

2. Explain the difference between expectations of happiness and experienced happiness.

3. What is the hedonic treadmill?

4. Is happiness a learned phenomenon? Please explain your answer using appropriate

sources (may have to do some external research – such as lecture notes, textbook,

reputable web sources, research publications, etc.).

*References should be cited appropriately using APA format

5. How do different cultures view happiness?

********I could not get a copy of the documentary to send to you, but maybe this summary would work?