discussion capstone celebration 1

Describe your capstone project’s findings and explain how the agency will implement any changes based upon your work. Share your thoughts on the capstone experience with your classmates.

What do your capstone experiences have in common? What reasons explain the differences in your capstone? How will you use what you learned from this experience in your future career?

To complete this assignment, review the Capstone Discussion Rubric document.


My capstone finding was based on finding a solution on the current day opioid crisis. Also looking at how this shaped the society we live in since they were introduced into it. The agency I worked with that talked about what they thought was the biggest problem involving the opioid crisis was the lack of resources and also how hard it is for people to kick a habit for opioids. Not only the physical, but also the mental. This creates more crime because there is need that can be filled , but there is not unlimited money. This leads to crimes in the community.

With the project’s findings, the recommendation I found can help enhance the services and also the solution in finding the base problem for those who use opioids. Drug addiction councilor works hard to find solutions to help those not to reuse.
This capstone was a bit complicated and it took determination to complete it. Using this agency helped me understand what some people go through from both sides of the scenario. This will be very helpful in the future as a probation officer.


My final project was based on finding a recommendation to facilitate the excessive deployment of tactics and strategies that were affecting the retail community of the selected agency (Loss prevention). The agency stated that the countermeasures (Receipt and bag checks) (restriction of merchandise) being deployed on their behalf was starting to irritate the retail community as customer theft was being excessively monitored. To facilitate this issue, research was conducted which discovered employee theft of being a detrimental factor besides consumer theft that was influencing the shrinkage of inventory in the retail industry. Therefore, the recommendation for the selected agency was to equally distribute the deployment of tactics and strategies for consumer and employee theft to improve the guest shopping experience for customers.

With the projects findings, the recommendation can help enhance the way loss prevention deploys their daily duties while understanding the stigma that can be established if countermeasures are not conducted effectively. Loss prevention specialists that work for the selected agency have the ability to enforce employee theft to reduce the excessive deployment of such countermeasures, to only use them whenever it is necessary. The capstone project was very lengthy and complicated at times, but it did help me realize how much determination I retain in myself. Working with the selected agency gave me the ability to acquire an insight into the job duties that are conducted daily, which was important to know for future reference.