discussion boards and out of class assignments

Discussion Board #4- The Electoral College

Donald Trump not only met but surpassed the 270 electoral votes he needed to become the 45th President of the United States. However, he lost the popular vote by millions of votes. There has been a great deal of discussion on whether the Electoral College should be eliminated and the presidency should be decides by whoever gets the most votes.

The following are three different views about the Electoral College:

1. We should continue to elect presidents using the EC the way it is now:


2. The EC has a dark history and probably should be eliminated:


3. We should consider awarding electoral votes proportionally:


Here is your assignment:

1. Read all three of these articles and in a post, briefly summarize all three.

2. Analyze the three articles and state the pros and cons of each.

3. In your opinion, do you think the Electoral College should either be changed or eliminated?

Discussion Board #5-The Nolan Chart (this is in the book)

This week in class we are going to be talking about political opinion and political socialization. Here is your assignment:

In chapter 10 of your textbook, there is a copy of the Nolan Chart that is used to classify people’s beliefs when it comes to economics and personal freedom.

Here is your assignment:

-First, define conservative, social conservative, liberal, moderate, libertarian and statist.

-Second, based on the example graph in the book, where would you classify yourself? Give specific examples of why you classify yourself the way you do.

OCA #4: Ranking the Presidents

Here is your assignment: rank who you think are the 10 greatest presidents the United States has had and why you think that. First, summarize their time in office and then you can analyze their accomplishments based on historical context, economic policy successes, delivering the nation through a difficult time, winning a war, personal character, etc. You must have at least at least two (2) outside sources from a scholarly source.

OCA#5- The Perception Gap (there is an attachment with this assignment)

How do we see ourselves when it comes to politics and our belief system? How do we see others? Is perception reality?

Here is your assignment:

-Summarize the attached article.

-Analyze the author’s main points.

-Why do we see people on the other side of the political belief system the way we do? What can be done to bridge the “perception gap?”

OCA #6-Listening to the other side (there is an attachment with this)

We live in a deeply divided and polarized society. It seems we can’t listen to each other anymore, just yell at one another. Is this trend unavoidable and impossible to erase?

Please read the attached article and answer all of the following questions in your response:

-Summarize the article

-Analyze the author’s main arguments.

-Why is it important to listen to the other side of a political argument?

-Is there a specific instance where you had a serious, substantive and respectful conversation with a person who is of a different political persuasion than you or that you disagreed with? If yes, explain. If not, describe how you can prepare yourself for such an occurrence in the future.

You must answer all four parts of the question to receive full credit for this assignment.