discussion 8 46

Answer the following five questions. Make certain to support your opinion using concepts and vocabulary from the readings. You will need to post one well-written paragraph for questions 1 and 2, and then identify which article you read and summarize it for number 3, and write one well written paragraph for each 4 and 5. This should total 5 paragraphs.


The Stigma of mental Illness:

  1. How has mass media contributed to mental illness stigma?
  2. What are some of the specific mental illnesses discussed in the article, and what are some of the stigmas or misinterpretations surrounding them?
  3. Identify the article you chose to read (there were three possible from pages 68-90) and summarize the author’s key points. Really share with your peers what you read in your selection and what you found to be most interesting and why.
  4. What is slut-shaming?
  5. What affect does slut-shaming have on victims of violence? In other words, how does slut-shaming relate to rape?