discussion 17 2

Main Reply Directions:

New Thread: Create a 500 word counter argument to your main opinion and sub-opinions. Quote from your sources to support your opinions and include new research if you wish. No works cited page required, but use MLA in-text citation rules. Do not waste words with any references to your Essay 3 draft.

So, this is not an essay, just a discussion. Don’t worry too much about creating long, complex, syntactically sophisticated and grammatically accurate sentence and all kinds of outstanding sentence variety, both length and type, to improve the flow of your ideas, the “sound” of your words. Worry just a little, though.

In the short space allowed, put forward an excellent offense in support of the view your essay is not in support of. You don’t have to address every argument you make in your essay. Pick and chose and do what you need to create a powerful statement for this assignment.

Your audience is this class. Try to convince them to take your argument seriously. Pretend you really believe what you are writing: be sincere. Don’t joke around about how you don’t really believe what you are writing in favor of. Use all the rhetorical strategies from TSIS to your best ability.