discuss the case study of the international airport hotel in orlando in your team each member should present their findings and suggestions then come to a consensus through challenges and decisions based on data determine suggested reasons for the

Discuss the case study of the International Airport Hotel in Orlando in your team.

In this assignment you will analyze a case study and make suggestions on how and what to change. Then think about how this relates to your company. In order to complete this assignment use the following resources.

1. Investigate a Business in Trouble

Choose and watch an episode from Hotel Hell. Analyze what is happening.

  • What is happening financially in this hotel?
  • What planning has occurred or not occurred since the initial plan to buy the business
  • What is the cash flow? How is doing financially?

2. Learn More about Yield Management

To learn more about Yield management, use the following resources:

3. Complete the Case Study Assignment

Read the case study of the International Airport Hotel in Orlando

    1. Determine suggested reasons for the issues and causes of decreased bookings
    2. Suggest changes or additions to the amenities that could increase customer satisfaction
    3. Come up with yield management solutions that would increase bookings and return customers.
    4. Manage suggested changes while increasing profitability.

Company Stock

With your team go to www.nyse.com or www.nasdaq.com . Find the ticker symbol (See additional resources for website) for the company you chose if it is a publically traded. Choose one from the group that is publically traded.

  • What is the latest price, dividend yield, P/E ratio, etc.?
  • Use other sources such as finance.yahoo.com or other sources to find the latest news related to the company.
  • Was there any recent news released about the company that impacted the stock price?
  • What impact does this information have on your interest in the company? Why?