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In 1″Sense of Nonsense Alan Watts says 1″Perhaps significance then is a quality of a state of mind in which we notice that we are overlooking the significance of the world by our constant quest
for it later. What does he mean? Give an example that illustrates his point and explain how the example can be seen to give rmeaningr to Hfe.
One definition of human beings is that we are rmeaning-makingr creatures. In what ways does Mon-sense make meaning? Why do you think this is important?
Offer an understanding of how Joseph Campbell explains the role of the Clown in religion. Does this fit with your experience? What roles have clowns played in your Hfe?
Compare and contrast the kinds of Mon-sense involved in the Parable of the Gadarene Demoniacs, the readings from the Tao to Ching, and 1″The White Queen Believes in Impossible Things. What do they
share in common? What do their differences suggest to you about the different approaches of each religion to understanding the divine.