develop an argument about a play your argument must seek to prove someone else s current argument wrong seek to extend or amend a current argument or seek to argue something new you must choose a play off of the list i created

You will need to briefly summarize (5-7 sentences) the play you choose in your essay



Choose from the list of plays I’ve provided.

You are required to incorporate

at least 5

sources into this

assignment in order to lend critical weight to your argument; 3 of your sources must be

scholarly; the other 2 can be credible. Research should be used to help establish the

significance of your argument. Use research to enhance your analysis of the

issues. Remember: This is not a book report. Instead, your research should be used to

advance your argument about a play you choose.


Your audience is your academic peers and your instructor


Your purpose is to advance a new argument about a play.



For your essay to be successful, the conclusions you draw must reflect an

understanding of the play that explains the context in which it operates and extends

beyond the obvious.


After you choose and read a play, start by answering some of the questions from the

worksheet I gave you.


Be sure to read a working draft of your essay aloud to a peer to get a stronger

impression of its impact.


I highly recommend you select a topic and play that you have some sort of personal

investment in. If you do, you will write better.


Read of a summary of every play before you dive into one and read the whole thing.