develop a detailed annotated bibliography 1

“Problem statement

Why is there a global pilot market shortage?

Whether you are an aviation geek (Avgeek) or someone who has no interest in aviation, chances are you have heard about the pilot shortage plaguing airlines worldwide, more specifically regional airlines within the United States. why is this? There are my factors that contribute to this shortage however, I will be focusing on the aviation legislation aspect that mandated the age limit as well as aviation safety aspect that was used to mandate a 1500 Hr airline transport pilot minimum requirement. The mandatory retirement age of 65 was enforced by the Fair Treatment for Experienced Pilots Act enacted by congress which pushed the age up from 60. The 1500 hr mandate was as a result of Colgan air crash which highlighted inexperience in the pilot’s ability to monitor unsafe flight envelopes and recover appropriately.

Throughout this research, I will explain each topic in detail and link the two while showing how the resulted in the pilot shortage problem. I will also give my input for improvement areas drawing comparisons to the militaries training which has a high safety record without the 1500 hr minimum requirement. “

1. make a reference source list ‘APA” format of at least 10 sources that supports the problem statement above. Be sure to site the Colgan air 3407 crash that resulted in the 1500 hr minimum, the Fair Treatment for Experienced Pilots Act, that made the mandatory retirement age of 65.

2. Complete an annotated bibliography for the Research Paper using the info from the following link ((……), . Your references should consist of at least ten peer-reviewed journal articles, government publications, or industry materials. Use the reference listing from the first question. Following the required format listed in the following link, (……), write a short paragraph based on the details outlined below describing each of your sources.


  1. Provide a complete reference listing formatted in accordance with APA requirements.
  2. Describe the purpose of the reference source. Why was it written?
  3. What was the result of the research/investigation? What does the reference show?
  4. How is this applicable to your project research paper?