Decision Making: Rational vs Perceptions –

Decision Making: Rational vs Perceptions
Essay Task and Question: Imagine you have recently joined an organisation where you are advising the CEO. They are an avid watcher of TED talks. They also consider themselves to be an informed business practitioner. Recently your CEO watched the following video: Ariely, D, (2009, May 19) Dan Ariely asks, Are we in control of our decisions? ( They know that Dan Ariely is a published academic and author and has something important to say. They have come to you asking you to conduct further research about Dan’s point of view. Write an essay discussing your view of the following statement: Decision making is not rational but about perceptions, hence managers should concentrate more on perceptions than rational decision making.
Please note that 6 sources are required, and need to be taken from University of New South Wales’ library database. These should be peer reviewed journal articles, and the sources should be recent (no older than 2009). The website for the UNSW library login is