cvs project

Part I

Chapter 7 tackles the basic mechanics of portfolio calculations. Articulate how to calculate returns using historical price data.

  • Discuss why you would perform this type of analysis in your final project. (CVS company)
  • Why would you need to calculate the covariance of the returns?
  • What is a normal distribution and why is it important? (Source: pp. 318–320)

Part II (CVS)

Prompt: In Milestone Four, you will construct a draft of your interpretation of results. Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

IV. InterpretationofResults

  1. Calculate the operational performance metrics you selected, and analyze the results of your calculations in terms of the company’s needs andthe intended purpose of the financial model.
  2. Discuss how you would most appropriately convey this analysis to the following decision makers, being sure to articulate the distinctionsnecessary to effectively present to the specific audience:
    1. Your supervisor (Ensure that you defend your rationale.)
    2. Your horizontal managers and/or colleagues (Ensure that you defend your rationale.)
    3. The financial institution considering granting you a line of credit (Ensure that you defend your rationale.)