cte writing assignment

Complete both sections

In this section you will address an emerging technology . That emerging technology may be a subset of the major technological areas address in your textbook. For example, it may be a technology that relates to manufacturing technology etc. You will research its history and write a report that summarizes the development (evolution) of the technology and provides an analysis of its impacts (i.e., social, cultural, economic, environmental, political, ethical). Use pictures, web pages, newspaper clippings, link to video clippings, and research articles to supplement your report. Minimum requirement for this section is 8 pages excluding your reference.

    Assume you are required to educate a group of stakeholders about a particular technology and its impact (This technology can be the same you addressed in your mid session concept paper). The duration to cover this content in 4 hours. You are at liberty to decide the schedule to deliver this content. Your audience will be:
    • Community members in a district where the company is located that uses or produces this technology
    • Design an action plan of not more than 5 pages. The action plan should be prepared in a professional manner and should stipulate the following
      • Rational for the educating the stakeholders about this technology
      • Identification of the stakeholders
      • Explanation of how the education will be carried out e.g place, time, number of persons per meeting, who will facilitate the meeting.
      • State some constraints you may face organizing such a meeting together
      • layout out an outline for the content of that meeting