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complete 2 chapters and additional parts as follows:
1) Chapter 4- Issues and Findings (4,000 words) –
a) One key research question per chapter (1,000 words)
b) One main theme per chapter (1,000 words)
c) Each chapter builds the argument (1,000 words)
d) Emphasis of originality of findings & theoretical reflections. (1,000 words)
This is first analysis chapter. Data collected for the research project is the primary focus of this chapter. It is not advisable to use references, as analyses of collected data occupy center
stage in this section. Presentation of evidence can take various formats, for instance, use of tables, drawings, quotations, diagrams are some of the common tools of authors in this section of
report. Clustering data to identify patterns, highlight dissimilarities are also common ways to develop a rich narratives. After an initial construction of all data in once lace, subsequent
revision may be used to fine tune and re-arrange the analysis to develop greater clarity
Noted -? Analysing Data according to my proposal:
In this research will use programme CAQDAS to analyse data. CAQDAS stand for Computer Assisted/Aided Qualitative Data Analysis Software. It offers tools that assist with qualitative research. It is
software helps to organise, manage and analysis (Banner et al., 2009). Furthermore, this research will also use programme SPSS to collect data.
3) Chapter 5- Conclusion (2,000 words) – Restatement – Review of findings-contribution to knowledge-Limitations-Future Research.
Discussion and Conclusions are the two key components of this chapter. Discussion concerns this specific project and conclusion is expected to connect to other research. Contribution to knowledge,
limitations of research, areas of further research are the three elements that need to b clearly set out in this section. What was learnt? How will this benefit the reader are the types of issues
that need to be covered in this section. Please make sure that you have applied the theory of Hofstead’s model of nation culture is the most famous for course cultural communication.
4) Acknowledgement 200 words
5) Appendices – It is customary to include a copy of blank questionnaire in the appendices. Anonymised author names that have appeared in chapter 5 may now be listed in the form of
The total dissertation is required 15,000 words. I have already done Chapter 1 Introduction (2,000 words), Chapter 2 Literature Review (5,000 words) and Chapter 3 Research Methodology (3,500).
6) References – There need to follow Harvard referencing format. It would be best to stick to documents that have actually been used to substantiate arguments in the body of the document. If there
are documents which have been indirectly referred to, then a bibliography along with a references section might also be suitable. Interest “URL” need to be contain date and time when last accessed.
– Please make sure that you have done the reference correctly through this link –
I will upload proposal, my dissertation and related electronic academic journals for you. Please make sure that you have analyse data by using appropriate program. Besides, please proofreading my
work to be in line with your work as well.Please strictly follow the guideline above and guideline in upload files. The journal that you will add must be academic books and electronic academic