Critical Research –

Critical Research
References need to be peer reviewed and less than 5 years old
What happened
Mr.Doe from bed 2 room 7 was found lying prostrate on the
floor beside her bed. At the time he was clothed and had been preparing to go to the toilet I rang the emergency button for assistance,
assessed the immediate environment for potential/actual hazards (non found), and then went to the aid of Mr Doe. I checked Mr Doe’s vital
signs (pulse 100, respirations 22, skin pallor, cold and clammy ) and level of consciousness (able to respond to verbal commands). l
indicated to him that assistance was on the way. I covered him with a blanket and put a pillow offthe bed under his head for comfort
without changing her body alignment. l enquired as to whether he was in pain. Mr Doe indicated that he had considerable pain as he hit his
head when he fell ( on the bedside table) . At 3 pm the medical team arrived and conducted a full physical assessment and neurological
examination.. At 9.15am Mr Doe was transported to xray for a CT scan forfurther investigations. At 9.3oam Mr Doe’s immediate family wer
notified ofthe incident. Documentation ofthe incident was completed by 4 pm.
Contributing factors.
In this section you need to outline
what may have contributed to Mr Doe’s fall. You need to considerthe environment (bathroom), physical status of Mr Doe, and a review of
nursing care and treatment plans, for example was the patient able to self-manage her physical care etc. You also need to be able to talk
with Mr Doe if appropriate to find out what her story is.
Literature review
Your review ofliterature needs to focus on the incident and
contributing factors for instance, is there any research that talks about such an incident and what does it say in terms of supporting your
situation. Here you need to outline the focus ofthe study, the design of study undertaken (qual or quant), number of subjects in the study
and what the study found. At the end of your review you need to draw conclusions ofwhat the findings ofthe literature suggest about what
needs to be done to change practice ifindicated.
Outcomes and implications.
What was the outcome for Mr Doe? What are the implications
for policy change as a result ofthe incident, for instance, is there need for policy review or staff education concerning the type of
incident etc?
Depending on the incident you should reference you material. It is not about the number of references but the
quality of yourwork in your use of references in describing what research on yourtopic has been undertaken