create your own japanese religion 4

  • Due Date: April 4th.
  • Create your own Japanese Religion. Create it’s back story, rituals, worldview, and myths. It should be tied to at least 3 themes we encountered in class and should connect to in-class and/or outside readings. It should include an extended critical reflection on the question of religion in Japan. Critical reflection means thinking about the significance of discourses and about what they might tell us about Japanese religions and culture more generally. In other words, critical reflection asks, and attempts to answer, the “so-what question.”
  • Students will be provided with more details and suggestions in tutorial.
  • Papers must be typed and double spaced. They should be 1500 words.


Introduction (5)

  • Is it written clearly and concisely?
  • Does it set up the paper ?
  • Does it lay out your main points?

Argument (15)

  • Clear and concise overview of your religion – origin story, founder, texts, rituals, deities, worldview, etc.
  • Clear and concise statement about how your religion relates to key themes in the course and what it says about Japanese religions/culture/modern history/contemporary societal issues.
  • Offering specific and clear examples to support the case you made in the above point.
  • Using your sources effectively

Engages in “so what” question rather than just descriptive (10)

  • What are the broader themes in Japanese religions you are engaging?
  • For example: the relationship between Buddhas and kami, the religion/tradition issue, mushūkyō, embodied religion, etc.

Grammar/proofreading/structure (7)

  • no run on sentences
  • proofreading mistakes capitalization
  • proper citation style – pick one and be consistent
  • no passive voice (hiding the actor of sentence)
  • Logical structure that follows introduction
  • Paragraphs make sense, individual paragraphs stick to one individual theme/point, flow naturally
  • Include Title, name, student number
  • Number all pages
  • Do not provide a cover page
  • Justify only to the left margin

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