create a html web page 1

ITE 115 (Fall 2019)

HTML Web Project Instruction

1. Down load the zipped folder “my_webProj” from Canvas (click Module. Student Data files) to you computer and unzip the folder. The folder “my_webProj” contains files (project instructions, HTML code, pictures and CSS files) that you need to start the project.

2. To create the HTML file, use Notepad++ or Notepad to enter the code in the file “course_Intro1.jpg”, and “course_Intro2.jpg” and save the file under the name “course _Intro.html” in the same folder .

Notepad++ is easier to use than Notepad. If your computer does have Notepad++, you can install it free. Just search “Down load Notepad++” in Google, follow the instruction to install it to your computer.

Note:You can copy the hyperlink below when you type the Image hyperlink in the file “course_Intro2.jpg”:


3. Use browser to open the file “course _Intro.html” to display the web page (double click it. If it does not work, right-click the file, select Open With, select Firebox). Check the web page to make sure it is working properly (title, CSS style (external , internal and inline), order list, hyperlink, image hyperlink ….). Refer to the file “Web page screenshot – Introduction to ITE 115.pdf”.

4. In notepad++ (or Notepad), open “course _Intro.html”, save the fileas “my_ course_Intro.html”.

5. Modify the file “my_ course _Intro.html “ to introduce one of the courses you are taking or took (e.g. Math 111) as follows:

  • Replace the comment with your personal information (name, class and section, …).
  • Change the title to “your name Web Page”. For example “John Smith Web Page”)
  • Change “ITE 115 Course Introduction” to your course (such as” Math 111 Course Introduction”).
  • Replace the Course Content Summary with your Course Content Summary (you may search for it in the NVCC website)
  • Change the course topic and order list to the course of your choice.
  • Change the content of table to your course. Add more rows as needed.
  • Option: Change the hyperlink to one of your favor academic links.
  • Option: Replace the textbook picture with a picture of your course’s textbook (you may down load a picture from online or take one yourself) and change the hyperlink to the corresponding website. Make sure to type the name and the extension of the picture file correctly.
  • Save the file “my_ course_Intro.html”.

6. Test the web page in the browser to make sure it works properly, then close the file.

7. In Notepad, open the file “my_ course_Intro.html”, print it (HTML file). Close the file.

8. Double click the file “my_ course_Intro.html” to open it in a browser, print the web page.

9. Turn in both printouts on in last class before final exam week.~Web page screenshot – Introduction to ITE 115.pdf