cost accounting discussions

 Discussion 1

·         evaluate and discuss the job-costing steps for a CPA firm using a job-cost system. Indicate the benefits to the firm.

·         Compare the job-cost system used by a CPA firm with the job-cost system used by a construction company building houses. Suggest what you believe to be the most significant differences in the job-cost system used by the CPA firm and the job-cost system used by the construction company.



Discussion 2

·         Create an argument for using a job-costing system, given the ability to compare actual costs with estimates or budgeted amounts during the manufacturing process or duration of a project on management decisions. Provide a specific example of one benefit in your discussion.

·         Recommend the best approach for the recognition of a difference in the budgeted indirect cost and actual cost at the end of the accounting period. Support the method chosen for allocation over alternative methods available for the allocation.