corporate social responsibility 30

Please take a look at the previous presentations and SAMPLE and create a powerpoint based on those. Thank you.

  • Review the information from each project assignment in Weeks 1 – 7.
  • Create a Powerpoint presentation using at least one slide for each project topic/assignment to make a recommendation to the executives on how to proceed. Use Speaker Notes to provide more detail for each slide. For example, if tariff sanctions (Week 3) present a big risk, provide recommendations that will help the company reduce the risk. Consider adding a bullet point to the slide for a short recommendation and then add more detail to your recommendation to the existing speaker notes.
  • Include at least one slide on strategies selected in Week 7.
  • Conclude the presentation by making a recommendation explaining why the company should or should not pursue international expansion to the selected country. Provide a brief explanation for your decision. Identify key opportunities and threats related to the decision.
  • Submit the presentation to the dropbox associated this assignment.

Example of topics:

  • Company Overview
  • Country – Why Country was Selected
  • Important Political, Cultural and Legal Similarities and Differences
  • Economic Characteristics
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • Market Overview and Competition- Land, Labor, Capital
  • Trade Statistics
  • Exchange Rates
  • Goods imported into the target country and goods locally sourced.
  • Supply Chain – SWOT
  • Management in the Host Country– Host, Home or Mixed Approach
  • Operating Strategies – Organizational Structure, Marketing, Other
  • Recommendations
  • References